Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Near the station ^^ went here for an extra shift. I love Hadano so far. I think any places with lots of animals is a good place. 

Why harrow...

So many excited birds gathering together in trees, power lines and rain gutters. A choir of chirps before sunset.

From Sakuragicho station


 I love my job because I get to talk to Japanese people (sometimes even Chinese!) of all ages. From 3 year olds to retirees. I had a 'wine class' for my last lesson yesterday. I was allowed to have a glass of Spanish wine with my student and we discussed festivals. I found out he worked for a recorder (the musical instrument) company for about 25 years. For his job he had to go to Germany once a year. How awesome is that? He worked for Aulos. He told me to go to Kyoto in autumn, not spring xD and to visit Odawara castle : D 

Lately I've been watching Orphan Black... as in... I started it a few days ago and I've nearly finished the first season. It is so good! 

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