Monday, 8 September 2014

3 pic status challenge

Status from 6th of July: 'trending in Japan (or just Machida) right now: cube cars, sausage (dachshund) dogs and face masks (well... this is always trending but still).....' @minelullaby challenge completed! Picture with all three! ... and yes I am wearing a mask meant for kids .... but I'm 8 years old in the inside xD they usually wear plain white ones when they're sick in Japan.

I finished Orphan Black a few days ago : ( .... Aw man! I cannot wait for April already! It is such a good show!!!

I love Helena! 'Sestra' 'brother sestra' 'I like your hairs....'
And I have such a huge crush on Tatiana Maslany (Sarah Manning) oh my goodness! And Dylan Bruce (Paul Dierden). And!! Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) from Suits guest starred in one episode in season two!

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