Monday, 29 September 2014


Dear Diary (<- br="" snort="">

Usually I find it hard to save money in Japan, and today was one of those days...

I went to the Disney store and picked up a pamphlet...

She looks so cute! I want her clothes! And look at her bags! They're book bags! :O they're selling them in the Disney store for about $50 D : I had to not buy the Alice one...

And next month D : Omg! I want the skirt, and shirt (but I don't even like shirts with sleeves!) and the Zero plushy - it has Jack, Sally and Sandy Claws!! And the hat headband has a little Jack Skellington head. And look! Halloween themed tsum tsums!! Omgoodness!

I had planned to buy this to put on my bag. And it was the only one left, and it was 50% off. Good timing! Someone saw me with it and tried looking for another >.> 

I'm not going to buy anything >.> ... <.< ... >.> 

I cleaned the apartment today so it looks really nice. I've been watching A LOT of 'New Girl'. Like, I started it a few days ago and I'm now halfway through season 2. Jess and Nick are so cute together! Halfway through 'The Way of Kings' - it's good!
Godammit. I always say 'pretty good' to mean I'm enjoying something. But got told 'pretty good' is sarcasm =/ and that it doesn't actually mean really good. I guess in New Zealand it means 'really good'. TWOK's is really good. I love Kaladin and Syl. But I can't wait to read 'Divergent' and I just got 'Mazerunner' because it was 38% off for the whole series ... and the film doesn't come out in Japan until February D : it's ridiculous!! 
And I really want to read 'Howl's Moving Castle'. So after TWOK I plan to put the 'Stormlight Archive' series on hold and catch up. 

Something's going on in Machida

Mayumi got us pudding from Osaka! It's so cute and so yum! I've kept the little hat thing. 

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