Monday, 11 August 2014

Yokohama Fireworks 2014

Have only been using internet on my phone since my last post. But I finally have internet on my laptop again! Wheee!

Last last weekend, I went to see the Yokohama fireworks with my friends.
It was a beautiful, warm summer's night in Yokohama. Some of the fireworks had smiley faces or hearts, others were just colourful. I spotted some bats flying around dusk but failed to capture a photo of them. They are so cute though! It was a wonderful night. We ate snacks while watching the firework display. 

The pikachu outbreak has already started, but this picture was taken 2 weekends ago in Cosmo World.

In TGI Friday

I am the Walrus...

This one looks like an elephant xD or some creature of sorts..

Finally trying Hundreds and Thousands chocolate! It's soooo good! I've nearly eaten a whole block. 

Speaking of chocolate, cocoa farmers trying chocolate for the first time:

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