Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Anna Paquin corrects Larry King over bisexuality query

   * ‘You didn’t have crushes on those girls. You just admired them, and that’s pretty natural. To admire them so much you wonder whether you have feelings for them’ * ‘but you like guys! You’ve only had relationships with guys so you’re straight’ * ‘As long as you only date guys, it’s okay’

 I don’t tell people my sexuality because:
1) I don’t get taken seriously anyway 2) friends that are girls start thinking I want to get with them and the friendship changes 3) how I’m viewed gets changed 4) I don’t know why it bloody matters unless the person interested is looking at getting with me or setting me up with someone? O_o;; why is it a big deal? 5) just because I’m attracted to any gender, any sex, it doesn’t mean I’m not picky. I still go for compatibility and I’ve learned in the past year that to be able to fall in love with someone, I must have respect for them.

  There are a lot of people I wouldn’t date, so many people! But if I fall in love with a guy or girl, transgendered or not, that’s who I fall in love with. I don’t just go for men. Or just go for women.  
I always figured, if I end up falling in love with someone that isn’t a guy, and then get into a serious relationship, I’ll deal with the drama. But until now, it’s just easier to let people think what they believe. It shouldn’t matter!!  
  I live in a conservative country, Japan and I lived in South Korea, another conservative country. My previous boss wouldn’t hire a lesbian couple, because she was too scared about what the parents would think. So it’s best to keep your sexuality to yourself if you want a job. It drives me nuts that your sexuality has a big say on your career prospects. Or, for some reason, because you’re attracted to something that isn’t the ‘norm’, then you’re seen as a completely different person. But you’re still the same person =/

 Bis and pans, they don’t get taken seriously either. People can’t seem to comprehend it. Willow on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, she dated and fell in love with Oz. Then after a few years, she dated and fell in love with Tara. She was known as straight with Oz, but then lesbian with Tara. If you date a guy (as a girl that is) you’re straight, if you date a girl, then you become a lesbian O_o;; To me, she’s bi. … also the whole ‘turned him gay’ ‘turned him straight’. I understand if you’re in denial about your sexuality, you date a guy then you admit to yourself you’re actually only attracted to women then you get with women, then you become a lesbian. Yeah. But if you’re attracted to both women and men, you’re still technically bi?

 Growing up, my dad was always like ‘… you’re not a lesbian are you?’ he knows full well that I’ve had crushes on guys, and I used to talk to him about the girls I’ve had crushes on too. He couldn’t even think, maybe I’m attracted to both? I don’t really bother to correct him.
I’ll keep fighting for LGBT rights of course. I can’t understand how people are against it. All I can think is that it’s religion? Or because they cannot think outside their own arse?   

  I usually talk about girls I find attractive (Scarlett Johansson, Karen Gillan, Natalie Portman)  to straight guys, and guys I find attractive (Dylan O’brien, Iwan Rheon, Ian Somerhalder) to girls because they can relate to me. But I don’t usually do it the other way around xD .. and I’ve had ex boyfriends that find out I am attracted to girls and want to have a threesome =/ yeah, the fantasy is nice but realistically it’s like, if I’m in a serious relationship, I want a monogamous one. And I’ve had problems with it because why don’t they? Is it because of how I grew up? I grew up thinking that in a relationship with the person you love, you don’t need anyone else? Are men more polygamous? Is it because they grew up more sexually liberated (not with being attracted to other men etc. Of course not) but in general they grew up being allowed to be horny without stigma because it’s a ‘male thing’. They grew up with the idea that threesomes were something to have on their bucket list? But women couldn't because she'd be a slut?

  It’s easier for me to get with men and it’s easier socially. But it’s not easy because usually we’re not on the same page and sometimes I wonder if even though it’s harder socially etc, maybe the compatibility and agreeableness would be better with a woman or a trans, therefore the actual core relationship would be better? My tolerance for anti feminist men is also decreasing all the time, and there's so many men that just can't see women as people.

  Yesterday I snuggled up to my drunk roommate and she joked ‘You know I’m straight right?’ I laughed and left her alone. She said ‘Haha, I know you’re straight too.’ >.> yeaaahhh… ‘you go for men’…. Yeah…. <.< … I’ll just let people think what they want..........

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