Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Barbecue on the 18th

It was super hot on the 18th of August... like it felt like 40 degrees and with the barbecue heat, it was even hotter. We went to a river side in Futako-shinchi 二子新地. It was nice meeting a mixture of people - people from Japan (of course) China and Sweden. I actually got a headache so I probably wasn't the best company. But I enjoyed meeting people and and everyone seemed to have fun. My Japanese is so bad! People talked to me in Japanese and I was just like O_o 'もう一度言ってください' and kept repeating that and I think some people just gave up talking to me : ( need to study!! 

Oh well, good practice. 

In this photo.... I had lots of sweat droplets on my face D :

*eating a salad as I don't eat animals*

cute xD need to watch more One Piece!

Nom! These taste better than the Korean version... but they're more expensive, like 3 times (one is about 100 yen, whereas you can get 3 for 1,000won in Korea)

After we went to Karaoke where I got to hear songs I've never heard before in Shibuya : D 

Lots of dancing xD people seemed to have a good time and it was fun.

Ahhhh >.< did not feel like talking : ( only because my head was pounding by then. Mayumi, Midori and I went and did Purikura photos afterwards and then went out to a pizza buffet (my first time ever in Japan). I couldn't eat much because I started feeling nauseas but the food was delicious. It was a good day but would have been much better without the headache. 

And that was that :3 

I've been working all over the place for my school. I went to Hadano and I like that area. It's green and pretty. I'll take some more pictures next time *was getting dark*

Ehhh... don't put your name on the internet....

>.> ..... I'm sure it already is out there. This is the best mocha! (well, that I've tried in Japan so far). Oceania style, oh yeah xD 

 I like to think that the logo is a silver fern xD but it could be something else.
I love the new badges at work. I will no longer mistake Canadians for Americans (I can only tell them apart from how they say 'about'). Yay! But with my badge, as my friend pointed out, how many people are going to mistake me for an Australian? 

As for Doctor Who.....
Oh it's been too long! The latest Doctor Who was amazing and I loved the Victorian Steampunk style of the ep! I miss Matt Smith of course (and Tennant .. and Amy Pond... and Rory... and Rose.......) but I think I'm liking this edge so far. Peter Capaldi is great! Looking forward to watching more : D

Hurr... last True Blood episode ever D : what am I going to do with myself? Well, watch Doctor Who : D ..... still... TB : (

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