Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yokohama with Anna

I think these were all in Queen's street building? Not quite sure. It's near the Landmark tower though!

Vegetable (my friend asked if they could change the prawns to vegetable) tempura soba and green tea.
 It was delicious! She had vegetable tempura with rice
野菜てんぷらどん I'm trying that next ^_^

This place was so exciting!

Landmark tower

The guy next to the green thing was painting what he could see. It was done with water colour and it was so good! I tried to take a picture but couldn't do it subtly.


Cold stone creamery. They sing while they make your order on cold stone. I ordered the most popular, strawberry shortcake. It was so good! (I got a waffle too)

This place was so cute! I know I've only seen like, 2 episodes but still. 


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