Saturday, 19 July 2014

Odaiba and Legoland. As well as the Shiodome clock.

We went to Odaibakaihinkoen station and Legoland was pretty easy to find from there.  It's about 22,00yen per ticket if you go in a group (even a small one).

I met up with a friend and his children (they were visiting Japan and I hadn't seen him in years so it was good to catch up).

I should become an architect : P (I can't build things out of lego!)

Legoland in Odaiba - children can practice their ninja skills, ya know, in case they need to rob a museum or something...


I managed to not buy anything until......

Outside Legoland on the Odaiba seaside....

(behind me is the rainbow bridge)
This place was absolutely beautiful. It was a warm summer evening and the atmosphere was relaxing.

You probably can't see but I tried to snap a photo of a fish that had jumped into the air. So many of them were jumping out of the water and they were not tiny fish either. They were too quick to capture a photo of it. 

Trying out my panorama feature...

That boat thing is cool aye?

My key chain now.

Good beer.

Looks like the Colosseum.

I wanted to see the Gundam robot (even though I hadn't watched the anime) but everyone was knackered at this point.

On the train ride back to Shimbashi, I spotted the Shiodome clock! And I love Hayao Miyazaki so much, I had to go and see it! It was designed by Hayao Miyazaki and sculptured by Shachimaru Kunio.

These are the times that it does this (I missed out) :

I'm going to have to go there again.

I actually took this picture as a kakao picture for a British friend (was trying to be sneaky about taking the photo). It had a British flag and everything.
It was raining by night time and I had an umbrella (which I bought before looking for the clock), then I got my path blocked. I saw a gap and lifted my umbrella to get through and hit someone with it. I was like 'sumimasen! sorry!' and it turned out to be a cute tall boy -__- haha. Luckily he just laughed *hides face*

I've been reading 'The Book Thief' while on the train and it's so good! You know what else is good? Misfits!

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