Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival ・ 平塚たなばた祭り

In Hiratsuka, we went to a Tanabata festival.

The Tanabata festival celebrates the day (7th of the 7th) when two mythological lovers can meet each other. It's a cute story, google it : P  I'll write a crap summary:

There was a weaving princess and her father was the king of the sky. He wanted her to be happy so he set her up with someone and she became very happy, so happy that she became so wrapped up in this new man and stopped weaving. Likewise, the man also stopped doing his job properly so his cows were wandering all over the place. The two were in love and married. The weaving princess's father changed his mind and forbade their love. She became so upset that she still didn't weave so they came up with a compromise - she can meet her lover once a year on the condition that she works hard. Once a year they meet up but on the first year, there was no bridge and they became upset. But magpies helped formed a bridge so they can meet each other. If it rains during the 7th of July, that means the two lovers couldn't be reunited.


Making a wish...

You'd get the mickey taken out of you if you buy a chocolate banana in NZ xD 

mayumi chan!

This lady saw me taking a picture of the character waffles/ castellas and moved for me ^_^ kind.  

So tidy! The men in light green instantly sort the rubbish - PET bottles, cans, rubbish...
Barely saw any littering.

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