Monday, 21 July 2014

Fireworks weekend 花火

On Saturday we dressed up in yukatas and went to see the fireworks. On Sunday (no pictures) we met up with some other people and had a picnic at Yoyogi park in Harajuku. I have now 3 umbrellas from sudden downpours (from different days). I should just learn to carry an umbrella everywhere xD we also went to the Cookie Time place in Harajuku but I'll post about that separately. It was a nice, warm weekend full of catch ups, purikura and lots of food.

I nearly bought this!

Selfie with a sausage dog.

A tissue packet I actually want!

Mayumi M did our hair! I've never had my hair so pretty before!

Mayumi K's yukata is so cute! 

What's a festival/ fireworks display without some yakisoba 焼そば (fried noodles with vegetables) or じゃがバター butter potatoes.

Decorating our purikura.

Cute. Starbuck's strawberry delight frappuccinos are pretty good. 

Bakery near Harajuku

Today (21/07) is a national holiday in Japan 海の日 Marine Day. It's where they celebrate the ocean. 
We visited Mayumi at her work (she works in a shabu shabu restaurant)

I got a meat free meal. This was about $10.

Not really a huge fan of red bean but I enjoyed the rest of this : 3

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