Monday, 23 June 2014

Taylors Mistake and Godley Heads

I took a picture of my friend, so he took one of me. I has red hair! 

My god it's frustrating without a car! It's not easy to get around!
My friend drove us to Taylors Mistake. 

On the drive - Sumner beach. Man it was a beautiful day! 

Taylors Mistake

Mike and Jucy

I think at this point, it's Godley Head?
That hill looks like a crocodile right? No? It's just me? :P

Leftover from world war II

We found this sheep. 

It took us an hour and a half to get to the place and then another hour and a half to get back ^_^

Apparently the gate thing used to be an escalator. They've closed this part off to the public as it's too dangerous after the quakes. You can see it through the fence. We were just naughty...

Jucy has this spiritual rune. Could be the trick of the light, or the green orb could be a spirit?

Green orb and sheep. 

The pictures don't show it but you can see the Southern Alps from here. They have snow and everything. At least I think they're the Southern Alps? My geography sucks. Apparently you can see Kaikoura from here too xD go there! You can see seals!

Green orb moving


Green orb goes behind my friends.

Nyaa it was beautiful!

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