Monday, 23 June 2014

My defence for not eating meat...

I think civilisation is too far gone for it to be saved xD so I don’t bother trying to change people’s lifestyles. Also, it is not pleasant having people enforce their viewpoints on you anyway, and I get that.
But I will be on the defence!

‘Why don’t you eat meat? *a look of disapproval* it’s unnatural’
Again? Come on, who cares what people eat? I wouldn’t eat meat now but I don’t go ‘why do you eat meat? O_o;;’ it’s normalised to eat meat, but *as my friend pointed out to me today* imagine if meat eaters were in the minority, would they enjoy the third degrees? Stop making a deal out of vegetarians and vegans, let them/ us be. I want to be a vegan one day and have an immense amount of respect for vegans. People that knock vegans for being hypocritical: vegans have a lifestyle that is much less damaging to the environment than the lifestyle meat eaters have, so don’t give them shit.
Yeah, there are vegans and vegetarians that are advocates for not eating meat. But meat industries and meat eaters, likewise, are advocates for eating meat: ‘meat has protein’ ‘people need meat to survive’ ‘meat has iron’ ‘vegans get sick’ ‘don’t humanise animals’ ‘people have always eaten meat’. Why should vegans and vegetarians shut up? But why are meat eaters allowed to speak up? Furthermore, why is it okay for meat eaters to give vegans and vegetarians shit for not eating meat?
‘Okay, I’ll give you some reasons. One, it’s not environmentally friendly’
‘What? But if you didn’t eat animals, there’ll be too many.’
‘No, seriously, it’s not sustainable. Think about it, there are 7 billion people in the world. We have factory farming because there is a huge demand for animals.’
‘People are starving. They can’t afford to not eat factory farmed animals’ an argument I’ve had that has spiralled down a hundred times… this video makes it easier. If you’re going to challenge why people don’t eat meat, please watch this video lecture if you want to understand. Also, keep in mind that some people just can’t see animals as plants but as sentient beings.

Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.
- Albert Einstein
I completely agree with him. Also in his time period, vegetarian was what vegan is now.

Taylors Mistake and Godley Heads

I took a picture of my friend, so he took one of me. I has red hair! 

My god it's frustrating without a car! It's not easy to get around!
My friend drove us to Taylors Mistake. 

On the drive - Sumner beach. Man it was a beautiful day! 

Taylors Mistake

Mike and Jucy

I think at this point, it's Godley Head?
That hill looks like a crocodile right? No? It's just me? :P

Leftover from world war II

We found this sheep. 

It took us an hour and a half to get to the place and then another hour and a half to get back ^_^

Apparently the gate thing used to be an escalator. They've closed this part off to the public as it's too dangerous after the quakes. You can see it through the fence. We were just naughty...

Jucy has this spiritual rune. Could be the trick of the light, or the green orb could be a spirit?

Green orb and sheep. 

The pictures don't show it but you can see the Southern Alps from here. They have snow and everything. At least I think they're the Southern Alps? My geography sucks. Apparently you can see Kaikoura from here too xD go there! You can see seals!

Green orb moving


Green orb goes behind my friends.

Nyaa it was beautiful!