Monday, 19 May 2014

Soo's Hen's Party

I made a fail pavlova. I didn't have an electric mixer, so I used a fork and my energy for an hour to mix it. I knew when I put it on the tray that it was already going to fail as it was too watery -___- 

So because of it, I was pretty late meeting Soo. It was her hen's party. It was quite last minute but we did it and she had happy tears like we wanted so overall it was a success.
This is us getting our nails done.

Mine are red. Soo's is a darker colour, maroon?

Brooke had the best! Cherry blossoms with gems.

After, we went to an Ashley's buffet in Gongdeok for dinner. 

We headed to Castle Praha and dug into the pavlova. Amy kept unconsciously stealing people's spoons. 

I made Soo a card and everyone signed it with a personal message and drew her a heart. We took group photos with my polaroid camera, as did Brooke with her fancy camera. She has to glue the polaroid photos into her card xD
Then... Bora brought out the cake. She and her husband had made it for Soo xD

It was hilarious! So much detail too! And the tip has some cream cheese ahahahah. It has marshmallow icing, and we couldn't stop eating it. It was so good!

We played games like 'design her wedding dress' and 'never have I ever...'


Soo took all these photos. It's her 'father's style' to take many photos at once.
I'm happy for her and she seems very happy too.

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