Monday, 26 May 2014

Guknyeong Temple in Bukhansan

I went to Guknyeong Temple. I used this site for guidance... but I didn't end up at the right starting point. I didn't see Daenammun 'Castle Gate' 대남문. Still, I got there and some of the directions were really helpful! It's about 2-3 hours all up. It took an hour to get to the temple but I just went back the way I came (was trying to avoid being late meeting people, was late anyway). But the link will have directions to a different route back if you want to try it. 

It's relatively easy and there wasn't any climbing involved. It still makes you sweat and thirsty though.

Gupabal Station, exit 1. There is a bus stop right outside the exit and it goes in the direction you want.

Catch either 34, 704 or 8772. I got off at Bukhansanseong (Fortress) entrance 북한산성입구 which is about a 10 minute ride. If you hop off and see a few dogs, you stopped at the right place. Walk straight then turn right at the first street. It'll look like this:


Go straight for 5-10 minutes until you get to the end:

When you see this, walk right to the end and turn left. 

Keep going..

Turn into the left one. 

When you see the little bridge, go right (not to the bridge)

There's some little fish xD 

                                      It's green. Follow the path. Just keep going and enjoy the hike. 

You will eventually see a car park, bathrooms and vending machines (take 1,000won bills, it doesn't accept 5,000won notes). Just go straight. Look for the sign for Daenammun (Castle Gate) 대남문.
Eventually you'll see this mini statue:


As soon as you see this, there is a main path and one to the right. The right is someone's property but you just go in anyway. Follow this '국녕사' it means Guknyeong Temple. There are little '국녕사' with an arrow showing you where to go. The hike gets a little bit more exciting xD 

This bridge xD



So sweaty.. I filtered this picture xD 

Despite the blog saying there's a restaurant place to eat, I didn't really see it. Maybe I needed to go in and ask, but with my lack of Korean skills, I didn't. 

Quite a fun walk ^_^

All these Buddha statues. I am not actually religious. It's just something I find really cool and pretty. 

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