Monday, 12 May 2014

Hapjeong Mall and dogs

After, I went to Hapjeong for a stroll/ window shopping. Hapjeong has changed a little bit. It's pretty.



Today I visited Soo, Dom and their dogs (and later Soo's husband, Adam too).

Soo and Adam look after their dogs and spend a lot on them (vet bills, food, shelter) as well as providing them with TLC - tender loving care. Most of their dogs are strays. Abandoning dogs is bad enough, but in South Korea it's actually something that happens on a regular basis. The apartments are tiny and, of course, dogs can be a lot of work. They do have animal shelters but it's not like in Western countries like NZ, Aus etc. I would rather they get sent to animal shelters and get put down rather than the alternative.

The alternative is that dogs are taken/ kidnapped by dog meat industries/ restaurants and kept. Most of it is unhygienic. Dogs end up in tiny, unclean cages usually with lots of dogs stuck together. I complained about this on facebook. Dog meat isn't legal but it's not illegal either? It's a controversial topic in South Korea. Some people want the old traditional Korean ways to continue and others think it's absurd because Koreans, overall, now love to keep and pamper dogs as pets.

Anyway, why I hate it is that it's a common thought that if you beat the dog before you kill it, the adrenaline produced will give the meat more flavour and also you can absorb the dog's power. So if it's requested, the restaurant owners, or whomever, will do this. They can also request that the dog is burnt alive or hung alive. This not only happens in Korea, but it happens in China too. This kind of thing needs to be stopped but it takes people power to do it. Put pressure on the Korean and Chinese governments.



Miso?? I don't know her real name (I just called her Slobberface). She's a very sweet dog though. She'd slobber and try to lick you. 

This one here is Choco. 


The pictures with Soo in them were taken by Dom. The rest were taken by Soo. 
Maru is a puppy trapped in a retriever's body. 


They semi tied Choco up after she had her run around. Maru actually took Choco's leash and tried to walk her : D was funny.

Have no idea what the lab's name is. I've seen him a few times before but didn't pet him until today. He belonged to a boy with problems (he was a puppy at the time), but he bit the boy so Dom took him in but he bit Dom too. He still sometimes bites. But he was pretty friendly. 

Choco, Miso?, Ddakji. 

Friendliest cat I've met in Korea. She was found near my previous school as a kitten and Soo took her in.

Choco's mischievous (she has a leash for a reason). Back in the day (well, 2012) she wouldn't go back into her cage after a walk so I'd have to put her back in. And then she'd manage to get back out and I got in trouble with Dom. It's more secure now and they have a lot more run around room on the mountains.  

An example of Maru not being aware of his size...? He's so big lol. He tried to lean on me and lick my face so I either pushed him back or caught his paws so that he was standing. 'You're not a tiny puppy any more, dude'.
This is something Soo has to deal with on a regular basis.


Glad I got to see them before I left. I want to say I'll miss them but I feel like I have no right because I barely visited them while in Korea xD
*why can't there be more people like Soo, Adam and Dom*

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