Monday, 28 April 2014

Lotus Lantern Parade 2014

My friend and I met at Dongdaemun to see this. I must say that it's a lot better in person. My photos don't do the parade justice.

:,( lots of people had yellow ribbons or wore yellow ribbons to show their condolences towards victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy.

These dragons had fire coming out of their mouths. You can kind of see it with the red/orange one.

I saw a friend's photo from a different vantage. This peacock opens its tail (it didn't for me).

Minju is my friend's girlfriend. He's a kiwi and he gave her all these kiwi snacks. She shared some of them with me : D I miss Cadbury and cookie times.

We ordered pizza. My Korean friend swore he asked for pizza. Yet we received these two dishes... the one on the left was like the topping of a pizza but with sweetened potato as the base. It was good but not the pizza that we know...... and I have no idea what the one on the right is. It's meant to be pizza too though.

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