Thursday, 24 April 2014

F-story or For’room cafe in Omokgyo, Seoul, South Korea

After work I felt like having a brownie. So I went to Omokgyo, exit 1. When you see NH Bank, turn right down the alley or street? Alley? One lane street? Pass Caffe Bene and look for a place with fairy lights.. or Christmas lights. Whatever you want to call them. Look for F-Story or For'room (is it having an identity crisis or are they two separate things?)

It's a cute cafe with yummy food. I was told the owner lived in Europe with her/his family so it's got European influences, like the best brownie I've tried in Korea. When I get my own place, I want to hang up branches, fairy lights and cute plates...

They have a beautiful friendly golden retriever. I spotted it but it was inside. And on the way out it was gone from sight. My co worker actually pointed this place out to me and I properly met the dog that time. If you find yourself in Yangcheon, you have somewhere to go. It's better at night off course. But... then the dog is away (maybe sleeping inside?)

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