Monday, 24 March 2014



In Gangnam lol


At Brick Oven in Gangnam (exit 11, go straight until you see CGV, then turn right and go up the hill for 5 mins. It's on your left and there's a big sign). This pizza was amazing!!

 Went to Bugaksan with Yolanda. You need an alien card or a passport when you go because there are still guards, and sometimes there are places where you are not allowed to take pictures. Totally worth it and it's a beautiful walk. We were lucky to go on a lovely day.

Directions, I've taken them from this site 

"Getting to this place is not the easiest. There are two points that you can begin. I chose to start at Changuimun and hike to Waryong Park. It is just as easy to reverse and go the opposite way. To begin in the direction I took you can start at Jonggak subway station. Come out of exit 3 and turn 180. Walk to the street and turn right. Walk down this street to the Jogyesa Temple bus stop and take green bus number 7022. It is about a 10 minute ride and you need to keep your eyes out for the correct stop. On the way here I missed the first stop but got off at the next stop and it was not far at all… Just about a 5 minute walk in case you miss it too….."

 Yolanda and I went from Gyeongbukgung bus stop (outside exit 3) and took a bus 7022 to Jahamun Gate Hill (자하문 고개) but we got off at what I thought was Jahamun gate but wasn't. I got us pretty lost and it took a while to find Changuimun 창의문 aka Jahamun 자하문 고개 (probably why I got confused, didn't know they were the same place) . I also got us lost on the way back, we went the wrong way so it took us like 2+ hours to get to Gangnam I think.
But when you're at the gate, you should see a big police guard statue, and just go up the stairs that are on the left and fill out forms and you're all set to go.

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