Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bongeunsa Temple ~ Gusto Taco

It was Yolanda's last day so we went to Bongeunsa Temple. She is so lucky! They had put up decorations for Buddha's birthday AND some trees were in blossom. It was so beautiful.


Samseong line 2 exit 6. Walk straight for 5-10 minutes (if you look for car signs, it'll have arrows) then turn left. It's across the road and you can't miss it.  

Here is a glimpse of what it's like inside. Yolanda and I spent about half an hour in one of these (I reckon the best one). But it was so peaceful and quiet that we felt we weren't allowed to take photos and you probably aren't.  

Here is a taste of the one we went in: Photo from another source

It's amazing!! There are loads of tiny buddha statues then a big one. It looked like something out of 'Gantz' and the roof was covered in lotus lanterns. Was peaceful~

Go in the one with this awesome tiger outside.


This is also from the same building.


This was actually on the walk there.

The temple is near the labyrinth that is the renovating Coex Mall. I went there a year ago and it was still renovating and I still haven't seen the Sanrio or Studio Ghibli shops T_T I guess going to Japan will make up for it.

Yolanda 'you know how there's that cuteinkorea blog, someone should start a 'what'snotcuteinkorea'. You know what's not cute in Korea? Coex Mall. Not cute Korea' hahahahaha. I think I've been there 4 times and it keeps changing but without the Sanrio and Studio Ghibli stores. 

We found this really cute store and I found a purple Mickey Mouse scarf... for... about $150!!! Shoes cost about $300 X_X 

'You know what else isn't cute in Korea. Subway line 2!' lol it really isn't cute! Packed with people, most of the time the screens aren't working and it smells like a 'kimchi pet shop'.

'Can you find out how much time we have on this subway?' 'Ya' 'Omg that magic is app... I mean, app is magic'

Good times. I'm going to miss her (or you if you're stalking) 

After we met up with two other girls and went to Gusto Taco in Hongdae:


Gusto Tacos is amazing!! *I didn't eat this because it has meat, but I had a veggie one that I didn't think to take a photo of*
A vegetarian taco (one means a set of two) was 6,000won and it's owned by a really nice guy. A meat one might cost 7,500 or even 8,000won? Don't know sorry.

Sangsu station, exit 2, turn around after coming out and cross the road. It's on the second floor, you'll see it.

If you're coming from Hongdae, find the park. You know how there are all those street stands leading to the University? Follow it. Then turn into the fork but turn right *these directions suck* and go straight down until you see it on your right, which will take 10 mins? 

Or, from H&M and Taco Bell, go down the road facing away from them (so you should see Justcuts on your right) keep going down the road until you see the university. There should be 3 options: left to starbucks, right to the street stands and upper right.
You want to take the upper right. 

Was a wonderful day and a lovely night. Yolanda and I got a taro smoothie (bubble tea so it had pearls nom) and I tried this street food I can't remember the name of. My stomach felt like it was going to explode anyway. Taro is really nice! I thought it would taste like potato or something but it tastes really nice. No wonder it's a popular flavour. 

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