Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Beopjusa Temple 법주사

A friend wanted to check out a temple and I agreed to go with her! We had quite an adventure. The pictures of the stone bridge is from when we were lost. I thought we could just walk to Sokrisan mountain but after quite a long time of walking but not seeming to get anywhere close, we had to double back. On the bus ride to Sokrisan, we discovered how crazy of an idea it was to try and trek it. We probably would have died on the mountains :P



This was in Sokrisan on the way at about 5.45pm! We had taken 5 hours and 20 minutes to get there!

Now at the temple site

Unfortunately by then it was after 6pm so we didn't spend much time there. And it had taken over 5 hours to get there so I was worried we wouldn't make it home in time. We did but still, close call. 

In Sokrisan


The directions we had were vague but we did make it in the end. We did spend like 5 hours trying to get there as we got lost.


From Gangbyeon station exit 4, go across the road to DongSeoul동서울 bus terminal. From there take a bus to  청주 Cheongju (not Chungju 총주). It’ll cost 8,300won and take two hours. When you get to Cheongju, take a bus to Boeun 보은 bus terminal. It should cost about 8,000won and take just over an hour.
The bus terminal is smaller than the previous ones. There’s only a CU and a place where you buy the tickets yourself. Get a ticket for  
속리산 Sokrisan, this should cost 1,900won. Hop on the bus (it comes every half hour I think) and head to Sokrisan. I can't remember how long it took but it was less than an hour. Maybe a half hour bus ride? When you get to Sokrisan, walk onto the road and turn right then walk straight for a good 10-20 minutes? I showed pictures of the temple to a Korean passerby and she kindly pointed the direction. There’ll be a map up ahead. It costs 4,000won to get in.

We actually took a bus from Sokrisan station back to Cheongju. So I wonder if you can just take a bus straight to Sokrisan and save the hassle. It took about an hour and a half? We also took a bus from Cheongju to Nambu bus terminal
서울남브 7,900 won and it only took an hour. Maybe you can just go from Nambu station to Cheongju then to Sokrisan and save a lot of time and money.
If you're up for an adventure, this is definitely worth it. I made awesome memories and got to see something amazing :)

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