Monday, 24 February 2014

Strawberry Picking at Dumulmeori

I went with meetups to Dumulmeori to pick strawberries. This pictures was taken on the bus at City Hall. If you look closely, you can see a 'The Little Prince' bus across the road. Behind is an ice skating rink which is going to be gone soon (winter is ending)

Yongsu. I met these two fellow kiwi birds...

Dumulmeori. The lady is teaching us how to pick strawberries.

We were originally told we'd have half an hour, we could eat while we pick, but we had to walk out with only 500grams of strawberries. But then the owner and the staff members got really antsy and kept telling us to stop eating while we picked, and in the end we only got like 10 minutes maximum. It wasn't fun picking under surveillance. Behind Michelle, you can see a guy in black. He watched us like a hawk and came up to us to tell us to stop. The owners were not happy with us (not just my immediate group, but everyone there).  

The strawberries were sweet. I didn't end up eating any until we were out. 

We turned these on only to be told we weren't allowed chocolate fondue xD anyway, that's my stash (some people smuggled some and someone gave me an extra strawberry lol)

Why not?

This dog was so cute. I miss pets. This one's tail started wagging when I passed, then it rolled on the ground etc so I ended up saying hello and giving it hugs and petting it. It was so friendly.

Went for a wander around Dumulmeori for a few hours. 

It's just gorgeous

Chatted with her all day. She's awesome! Man, I hope to have a life similar to hers. She trained to be a teacher in NZ, and she's been around all over the world pretty much. She's got her own property in NZ, and grew her own vegetables and fruit. She has all her books but keeps it locked away and just rented out her place while she's in Korea. That is such a good idea. Except I don't think I'll settle in NZ. But maybe? Can't see it now but I like the idea of having a place but leaving to live overseas when I can.   


Christmas tree?? In February?

Photographic proof I've been to Gangnam.

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