Monday, 24 February 2014

Cafe Lazy Cat~

I asked when they'd get cookie monster bracelets (when I went to Bomgom that time) I gave her my cellphone number. 2 weeks later, I finally have one! :3 

Right, so Cafe Lazy Cat. I used cuteinkorea-CLC 
She has better pictures and directions etc.

If you know where Castle Praha is in Hongdae (the restaurant) to the right of Castle Praha, there is a little street. Go down there and turn down the first right. Walk straight...
Castle Praha (also recommend btw)

This place! Go down the stairs (only 3 and they're a bit scary)

It's a bit dim but very cosy and candle lit. 


Bonus! Tim Burton postcards

This kitty did not appreciate me taking photos unexpectedly. But I asked the owner and she brought it out.  

Edit: *read cuteinkorea again* it's a boy xD and apparently he's the inspiration for the cafe's name because he is so lazy hahahaha. He's very adorable though and likes to meow. It's a lot darker than cuteinkorea, but I like it. It has a nice atmosphere. 

I don't know if it's a boy or girl. Anyway, you can win it over by rubbing its ears and tickling it under the chin ^^ 

Super cute!

Reasonably priced too.

Couldn't resist. The owner was so nice! I recommend this place heaps!
She gave me the letterhead (I was going to pay for it) for free as 'service' ^_^

My collection of trinkets...

I don't have blu-tac at the moment. When I go to NZ I'll be sure to bring some and put them on the wall. 

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