Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gangwondo hike

Yesterday I got up at 7.50am (which is not easy for me!) took a train and travelled like, 2 hours. I haven't met a single kiwi and I've been in Korea for 8 months. Yesterday I met 3. Two of them were the same age as my parents, but really lively and young at heart and fit etc. The other was a 26 year old guy. He had lived in Korea, then went to England and then came back after a year. He loves Korea and I think he's pretty happy (wants to stay longer). It was good to meet all these people. There were Americans, South Africans and a British dude. I think I should do more meetups.  

So we hiked for 4-5 hours, had dinner after and I got back home at like, 10 x_X

challenging at times

Loved the view

This bird ate out of your hands. I didn't try it, but someone fed it nuts etc. It'll fly away quickly after grabbing the food of course. Still, it's pretty tame :3


Just beautiful

This was after the hike, the next picture is during. This is what I mean by not being in chronological order.

This was near the start. It's starting to blossom in Korea :D

Near the start. A puppy and kitty. They were both posing :P

Dakgalbi in Chuncheon. 


If you want to propose, here's a place to do it. 

On the way back, I found this treasure :D .. last year we went looking for a Charlie Brown cafe in Hongdae. But the inside of the cafe was a restaurant unrelated to Charlie Brown and we found some Charlie Brown tables at a nearby bar. We assumed it had closed down. So I was super excited to find this!


He tried.....




 I do think it's important I go to those meet up things, makes Korea brighter.

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