Monday, 22 April 2013


This is in no particular order. I visited Roz and her boyfriend David on the weekend. It was my birthday on Saturday so I just wanted to be with good people and get away from Incheon.  
I've known Roz since we were 8 and who would have known we'd meet up in Korea for my 24th Birthday xD

We went to a catdog cafe and a few really amazing restaurants. 
The animals really loved Roz and kept trying to sit on her. It was really good... but we also got bummed out thinking about the pets. We hope they don't inject the pets to make them docile : ( and the dog cafe smelt really bad haha. But we fell for a cat that looked like an owl and thought about kidnapping it :P


wtf Korea? It's April not December xD

(cute couple in the background) this is Daegu's bus card. They use poker chip like things.

New Zealand represent!


I could only eat half of this. Eating the other half for tea tonight. 

This was at an Italian restaurant. They put a bandanna on a chilled beer as well as having an iced glass. Ahhhhh so lovely! And really reasonably priced too (like $35-40 something for a pizza, pasta, salad and beers)


This is behind the stage in Downtown Daegu. If you go to the left alleyway turn right, if you go to the right alleyway turn left. 

This was so hard to eat and got stuck in my teeth   

Snow White with the animals. 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gangwondo hike

Yesterday I got up at 7.50am (which is not easy for me!) took a train and travelled like, 2 hours. I haven't met a single kiwi and I've been in Korea for 8 months. Yesterday I met 3. Two of them were the same age as my parents, but really lively and young at heart and fit etc. The other was a 26 year old guy. He had lived in Korea, then went to England and then came back after a year. He loves Korea and I think he's pretty happy (wants to stay longer). It was good to meet all these people. There were Americans, South Africans and a British dude. I think I should do more meetups.  

So we hiked for 4-5 hours, had dinner after and I got back home at like, 10 x_X

challenging at times

Loved the view

This bird ate out of your hands. I didn't try it, but someone fed it nuts etc. It'll fly away quickly after grabbing the food of course. Still, it's pretty tame :3


Just beautiful

This was after the hike, the next picture is during. This is what I mean by not being in chronological order.

This was near the start. It's starting to blossom in Korea :D

Near the start. A puppy and kitty. They were both posing :P

Dakgalbi in Chuncheon. 


If you want to propose, here's a place to do it. 

On the way back, I found this treasure :D .. last year we went looking for a Charlie Brown cafe in Hongdae. But the inside of the cafe was a restaurant unrelated to Charlie Brown and we found some Charlie Brown tables at a nearby bar. We assumed it had closed down. So I was super excited to find this!


He tried.....




 I do think it's important I go to those meet up things, makes Korea brighter.