Monday, 4 February 2013

Insadong wanderings

At Anguk train station, there were these murals :D

They are necklaces with paw prints of animals on them. Pretty cool ^^

Murals again


Choo Choo shop.

Just as I was taking this picture, it got pointed out to me that there's a sign that says not to take photos. 
Anyway, the 12 zodiacs seeing as it will be the Solar New Year soon.

Inside staircases it's pretty arty with graffiti and sculptures and drawing etc.

This was near Ewha University.  Kind of dobukki stew or soup or something delicious anyways.

Got this from Anguk train station. It's about $3 for this bag, 3,000w. And they're waffle like balls with custard inside : D they're called Man Jyoo Hana 만쥬하나 another lovely Korean street food snack. 

It snowed again ^^

Korea is beautiful~

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