Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tim Burton exhibition

 I'm a huge Tim Burton fan so I was totally stoked to go to the exhibition in Seoul.

This was only 2,000w which is about $2 NZ. 10 sushi pieces with some soup xD so yumm!!

I finally bought a Hello Kitty cake :D yay!! It's prettier than it's tasty.   

Ahhh Tim Burton, you are my idol!! 

Romeo and Juliet :D too bad the picture was blurry.

My Birth year. Batman was released.

(we got coffee after)

Saw this on the way to the post office today xD (sorry the pictures aren't in order. It takes too much effort to arrange them)

My favourite Korean side street snack 붕어빵슈크림
Custard Cream waffle fish. You get 3 for 1,000w ($1) and it's amazing!!

The exhibition was pretty cool. But you can only take pictures in the alleyway and corridors. I wish I could have taken more photos but it's not allowed : (
It was really cool to see Tim Burton's drawings and see things that were behind the scenes. I love Tim Burton's work, it always makes me feel inspired. It makes me want to go home and write, draw and paint but it doesn't last haha.
Anyway, I have to say that the Tim Burton exhibition was such a highlight of Korea... to me.. so far :D