Thursday, 19 December 2013

Namsam Tower

Love padlock trees in Namsam

Proof I've been

Trying and failing to take the iconic picture. The rest of the 'N' is too dark

Love padlock place
Namsam tower from afar
I love all the Christmas lights. This was outside a hotel in Itaewon
Says Australian beef... but has the flag of New Zealand...

In Gangnam

Dunkin Donuts Christmas style. So cute!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Finally found the owl museum!

Directions: You go to Anguk Station, out exit 2. Then just walk straight ahead for about 10-15 minutes? You'll be heading a bit uphill. You'll pass an outline of Bart and Marge Simpson then at the top of the road, turn left. It will naturally wind because it goes off on a folk? Anyway, it's a bit of a wind but just follow the road. When you've followed a kind of S shape, go down the stairs and you'll see some park on the right and some chicken pictures straight ahead. Turn left and you should see the owl museum. I took a photo at the subway station too. Just find the Vietnamese embassy but keep going and you'll see it.

It's quite a nice place. It's not super extravagant but cute and quaint. You could probably move on after about 15 minutes and you can't take pictures except for in one part of the museum. Still, I loved it! I want to find a place and then collect things I love. Then have people admire it, give them a drink in exchange for 5,000won. I could write or read when it's quiet.  

Christmas is in the air

Saturday, 23 November 2013

I love Google so much right now

On a related note, you can take this "Which doctor are you?" quiz

I got the tenth, which is my favourite anyway

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Cheonggyecheon Stream

The weather was shit last week so I didn't end up going. And yesterday, surprise surprise, the weather was crap again. So we just went. Cheonggyecheon stream is beautiful! Especially during a lantern festival

Autumn in Korea. Behind these trees is my school.

After the festival I went drinking with some friends. Had a lot of fun but drank too much and didn't feel too good haha but it was good to meet people.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Failed Owl Museum Mission

My goal was to do a 3 hour walk and see the Owl Museum as part of the walk. My friend kindly accompanied me. We could not figure out how to do the start of the walk so we improvised. My friend had never been to Insadong so we wandered around there before venturing onwards to find the Owl Museum. We could not find it! D: 

We aborted the mission -___-" but the day wasn't wasted. We stumbled across some random flower display thing....

This was actually near Bukchon

Beautiful, right?

This was actually in Insadong. The weird ice cream cones are now sold in proper stores (as opposed to street stalls)

These are shaped into butterflies