Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Gyeonbokgung Palace and other adventures

My friend Kitty from New Zealand is visiting me at the moment. Taking advantage of her company and her being on holiday and travelling. I haven't done much sightseeing in Korea so it's been really great.  (Also took advantage of her camera ;)  )

I got this Mickey Mouse clip.

Near Hongik University

Tom's Cat cafe (the cat I'm patting was huge)

One of my favourite stores

Trying parfait

This is near where I live. There are heaps of little walk places. 

Near Gyeongbokgung palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Chinese Zodiac

Me and Kitty explored Hondae after the Hello Kitty cafe. I didn't know there was this shop!! :O made my day!!

Oh ok.. Hello Kitty cafe photos. (Blog uploaded my photos and put them in a funny order)

Back to book.com with the Studio Ghibli stuff.

We were originally going to go to the Snoopy Cafe but all we found was a sign and these two tables at a nearby bar :'( 

Hello Kitty cafe again. I like to go to Hondae when I'm free and walk through this alley way because there are a lot of cute little stalls. I remember seeing Ho Bar and thinking "Ok, I have to look out for a Ho Bar when I look for the Hello Kitty cafe" but.. if I had looked upwards to the right, I would have seen it =/ I could not believe every time I've been to Hondae (which is like, 4-5 times) I have walked past it!!

Back to when we went to Gyeongbokgung palace, we walked past a yummy fresh waffle stand. It was amazing!

And at the Hello Kitty cafe. I know exactly how to find it =D

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Because even though they have them everywhere, even a few buildings away, you still need 7. In Japan, there's no such thing as too many vending machines.

Robots that service you at restaurants. Only in Japan..

They have an Alice shop :3 I spent so much! >.< there's one that sells clothes and I got a parka and a camisole (Alice in Wonderland themed of course) and downstairs there's this Alice in Wonderland section where I got my watch

Hearts and smiley faces ^^

New pillow, it's not a big pillow. But it's a コアラのマーチ pillow.
I like living alone because there's that freedom to do what you want. But sometimes it gets lonely. I wish my TV worked. When I felt lonely, I used to have it on as background noise.

Oh, and before I forget, this was the most expensive thing I got in Japan T_T .. still totally worth it though: