Tuesday, 21 February 2017

What's happening with Christchurch, and the Chinese Lantern Festival 2017

Christchurch recently had a fire that wasn't under control. I'm not sure if it's gone yet still but it wreaked havoc and people lost their homes. 

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Sunset at the place I'm living at now

I forgot to post these. These pictures were from around the city centre a few weeks ago.

I went to the Beat Street cafe as they had some vegan game.

These houses have butterflies plastered around outside. Can you see them?

Street art in the damaged city

Regent Street

Notice the pollution?

The NZAVS office. I've signed up as a volunteer for them, as well as for SAFE and for CARA. I'm excited about it but I hope I find enough time to do so.

The Lantern Festival at Hagley Park

They had vegan dumplings and vegan bbq buns at the Buddhist Light stall. They also had coriander pancakes but I'm not the biggest fan of coriander (I can eat it but I don't enjoy it). 

Wearing a cicada as an earring! : O that's not vegan! :P

My friend pointed out that the panda looked like it was setting off a tnt

The same friend remarked that the snails looked in awe of the lanterns lol

It was a chilly night (it gets dark around 9pm in summer) but that is a kiwi summer for you.

Monday, 20 February 2017

What do you eat/ What do you use? Part 28

·         * Coriander’s has vegan options. I got the $12 lunch deal that includes a curry, a bread, rice, and a drink; it’s available from 11.30 am until 2 pm Monday to Friday. Just ask for the vegan option and they’ll supply. I must warn people that don’t like coriander, that the vegan option does have coriander in the curry, but I’m sure you can ask for them to omit the coriander.  
·         * Proper Crisps Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt.
·        *  Orgran is an egg replacement. It’s about $6 at the supermarket usually found in the Gluten Free aisle, but is the equivalent of 66 eggs. It’s great for baking but it’s not recommended to try and use it as scrambled eggs etc. 

·         * I tried this curry but it was a bit too spicy for my liking despite being tasty. So I ate it with rice and grated carrots. I used this recipe: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-recipe/mushroom-butter-masala/ but I skipped the cashews, the kasuri methi/dried fenugreek leaves, and the coriander. If you prefer it to be less spicy, I recommend cutting out the chilli and putting little to no chilli powder.
·        *  Beefless stew http://www.straightupfood.com/blog/2015/06/07/beefless-stew/ I would double or triple the portabella mushrooms though. I found myself wishing there were more of them.
·         * Put ½ a cup of rolled oats into a pot with 1 ¼ cups of dairy free milk, ½-1 teaspoon of cinnamon, brown sugar to taste (I usually go with a tablespoon and a half) and some chopped apple. Boil this and bring to a simmer; it should take a few minutes. 

·         * The cake is more like mudcake than the traditional chocolate cake. I used Orgran egg replacers in one cake and it tasted the same as the cake with applesauce (1 egg replacer = ¼ cup of applesauce). Joyline sprinkles appear to be vegan. http://minimalistbaker.com/one-bowl-vegan-chocolate-cake/
·         * Moussaka is delicious!! Thank you Bosh! I used grape juice instead of wine and nutmeg powder instead of nutmeg. https://www.facebook.com/bosh.tv/videos/1184915814920250/
·         * Kingland Yoghurt is more affordable than The Coconut Collaborative, but I thought the Mango and Peach had too much of a soy taste. I liked the Berries flavour one though. 

Thursday, 26 January 2017

What do you eat/ What do you use? Part 27

Claude’s Kitchen has their vegan options indicated with green hearts. There are quite a few options. I had a delicious homemade creamy mushroom and leek pie, a vanilla chai latte cake – recipe invented by Tom, and a nice soy mocha. It’s on Ferry Road just before Z petrol station on the right. I’ve known Tom since I was in secondary school and he’s always been chilled out and into food; hasn’t changed much from the looks of things. So go and say hi! They’re a friendly bunch.  

·         Velvet Burger’s Animal Rights Burger without aioli. I think you can just ask for a vegan burger and they will make it vegan without issue. I couldn’t finish it so I had to bring it home, but it was good!
·         I wanted to go to Coriander’s as: they have a few vegan options there, it’s apparently really good, and it’s curry and I felt like curry. I saw Oregano, I was hungry, and my hunger must have confused me because I went in thinking it was the curry place. Then I saw it was a salad and deli place, and when I realised I had got the name wrong, I asked the person at the counter what was vegan. He was nice about it and showed me that everything in the food display was except for the moroccan couscous salad. I ordered some pita bread, lettuce, and falafel, so he asked if I just wanted a souvlaki without the yoghurt and as you can see with the picture, I said yeah! It was $10 and the salsa sauce was good enough to hold up without the yoghurt.
·         Addington Coffee Co Op do good almond milk mochas but remember to ask for no sweets to make it vegan. They gave me marshmallows with mine, ops. It’s the same with Coffee Culture, asking for no sweets.   

·         * Bosh ’s Bangin’ Big Bean Chilli https://www.facebook.com/boshtv/videos/1180882965323535/ Heads up for those that don’t like the taste of wine, I could taste the wine. But this makes heaps! I think it lasted me about 10 days. I had to freeze half of it.
·        *  I used Maggi’s Tomato and Onion sausage mix for the sausage sauce, vegan sausages, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and gravy. I bought the sausages from somewhere but I didn’t think much of them to be honest. I think if you want sausages with flavour, I recommend Bean Supreme’s Sundried Tomato & Kalamata Olive Vegetarian Sausages. I’ve heard Fry’s and Linda McCartney sausages are good too. Overall, it was an easy and affordable dinner.
·         * The Buddhist Chef’s Pancakes. I halved the recipe because I can’t eat that much haha. They were good! http://www.thebuddhistchef.com/recipe/vegan-pancakes/  
·         * Loving it Vegan’s Carrot Cake http://lovingitvegan.com/vegan-carrot-cake-lemon-buttercream-frosting/ . Yuuuum! Really good! I used ½ a cup of applesauce instead of flax eggs and it worked fine. This is going to be odd coming from me, but it was too sweet and I found myself scrapping off the icing! So I would halve the icing. Even my father, who has a sweet tooth too, found the icing too much. I would only layer the top of the cake and maybe the middle. This is now my go to carrot cake recipe.

Miss these rugrats

I stayed at my father's while my mum was in Singapore and I've since moved into the place I'm boarding at now, but it doesn't mean I don't miss these rugrats.






Cassie and Casper

Jacob's sleeping position haha


Sam waiting for me to open the door so he can be with dad, but dad was sleeping and the dogs wake him up throughout the night so he doesn't sleep with them when he wants a decent night's sleep. 

Waiting... nope... not going to happen

I'm second best when he can't be with dad

Casper and Sam

My boyfriend took this picture on Skype


Sammy when he went to the vet